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-  LEARN TO DO   . . .   DO TO LEARN -


“Teach me and I will forget ... show me and I may remember ... involve me and I will understand.”...
                                                                                                             - Confucius, 451 B.C.

Children's Educational Experience


Reading & Math & Early Learning Experience 

From a young age, a child's mind is like a sponge waiting to absorb. Through "The Dooples," your child will grasp concepts in reading and math while developing needed social skills
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Program Creator

For decades, Dr. Lynn Hunter, Ed. D has been engaged in providing children an educational advantage. Her years of perseverance and dedication will allow your children to attain the academic edge they need to succeed.
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The Dooples are a friendly group of writing implements who live in the Land of Doo, and come to life at night. They enjoy many adventures and experiences, through which children empower themselves with their own imagination. They personify the conviction that to learn is to do and to do is to learn.  The inherent faith in the human spirit is implicit in the program's design and appeal.  The value of making mistakes, success through collaboration, tolerance, and understanding are just some of the life lessons that the Dooples impart in its various formats (animation, print, toys, computer applications, live performance, electronic media, etc.).  Children join the Dooples on the joyful journey of life and learning.

Through the adventures of Gadobie, Cecil, Penny, Markus, Spectrina and Chalky, children learn the joy of "dooing."  “The Dooples” teaches children the letters of the alphabet, sounds and symbols, shapes, mathematical thinking and reasoning, and much more.  These unique writing tools can accomplish fantastic things by flipping on their heads and tap into each child’s endless fascination with his or her own powers by employing a series of pro-active, “learn by doing” experiences.

The Dooples in the Land of Doo - The Musical

Friday, Feb 28, Saturday, March 1, Sunday, March 2

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                 " The Dooples in the Land of Doo-The Musical" was such a success when at the Roy Arias Theater in March at the MidWinter-Madness Festival in NYC-(standing room only!)... we need to share it with children everywhere!

    Please help us go to the next step ...  GoFundMe: "The Dooples in the Land of Doo...The  Musical"


Take a peek at the Dooples on the NBC TODAY Show on March 2, 2014



“The Dooples Project” is an enterprise designed to meet the demands of our challenging world by infusing education and entertainment with the spirit of the child.  It is a non-institutionalized, early childhood (ages infancy to eight) multi-media program that teaches literacy and numeracy by instilling a sense of awareness and discovery that will become an essential tool for growth and development.  Unlike other projects that also recognize the need for change in our learning environment, “The Dooples” stands alone in its commitment to de-emphasize teaching, and to instead, emphasize learning.


Hours of Operation: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week | Proudly Serving New York Metro Areas

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